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Advantages and Disadvantages Fire Pit

With new home construction on the rise, families are eager to find their perfect house. One option buyers are looking for is a nice outdoor living space, patio, or pool area. If you have found that perfect house but it needs a bit of magic for your backyard, we have the goods for you below.

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There are some advantages and disadvantages of each of the fire pit options you may be considering.

Fire Pits: Some homes come with a fire pit built in as part of the outdoor landscape construction. Or you can choose your own at a later date. A fire bowl is actually a less costly alternative for your outdoor living space decor. There are even DIY kits that the whole family can be a part of constructing. These DIY kits can range from $300-$800.

You will need a fire pit that has a fireproof metal liner surrounded by heavy duty masonry. Larger units with a natural gas line can cost in the neighborhood of $2,000-$3,000. Remember, you can also have a landscaping firm build one, you just have to take into consideration their labor cost vs a DIY kit. These pits can be built with concrete pavers, stones or stucco over concrete.

Fire pits come in two different fuel choices either a wood fire pit or propane or natural gas fueled. Remember to be aware of your city’s no-burn regulations before choosing a wood burning pit.

Gas or propane can be used as well to fire a pit. You will need an extension off your natural gas line that does require a licensed gas installer for safety. Fire pits can also be connected to a propane tank, like you would a gas grill. If you go the portable tank route, be sure to take into consideration the placement of gas lines and the tank. Having exposed lines can cause potential tripping situations.

Some fire pits will have ceramic logs inside; while other fire pits can create light flame shows with specially treated glass beads. These glass beads come in a variety of different colors and create a beautiful look. Remember to always use treated glass. Regular glass that is not heat treated can burst and be potentially hazardous. A good cost effective way to add fire glas is to lay down a layer of lava rock which is les expensive, then add the fire glass on top of it, reducing the amount of more expensive fire glass that will be needed.

Place your fire pit in an area large enough to surround it with comfortable furniture for guests, allowing enough space between the fire pit and the furniture. Benches, chairs, couches can all be used to decorate your outdoor living and entertaining space.

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Fireplaces: Actual fireplaces built into the outdoor area are a nice option as well. These may carry a higher price tag, depending on the size and materials used. A very modest fire place should start around $1,500.
The same fuel can be used as with fire pits. Wood burning or gas logs. Again get a professional to run all your gas lines.

There are many materials and construction options for fireplaces. You can even purchase pre-fabricated fireplace kits. You can choose to just build your fireplace from scratch too. Using stucco, concrete, stones, brick or marble. All of these materials turn out a nice look. Building a fireplace is not as simple as it may seem though. It must be done properly so smoke and gas is pulled up through and out of the chimney. Also the size and the location of the fire box is very important. So get someone that has experience to help or guide you. Or just pay them to do it!

ALERT: Always teach your children of the dangers of flames and fire. Keep small children away from the fire sources and never leave small children unattended outside with a fire pit.

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