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Accessories for Your Weber BBQ

It’s pretty much accepted that Webers are the best BBQs out there. In most of Australia, the brand name is used generically to refer to any kind of BBQ grill, even if it’s designed and manufactured by a different company. That’s how powerful their market share is.

It helps that all their BBQ units are superior quality with a fully service-able warranty. And that they have a massively versatile range that covers every sector of the BBQ space. They have a smoker series for smoking meat, complete with thermometers for temperature control, water pans for extra moisture, and a rust-proof hood of porcelain enamel.

These smokers have a stylish cylindrical design, three lightweight legs, an insulated handle of nylon and glass, and a long smoking chamber for improved smoke circulation. Then there’s the Weber Q series that’s small enough to sit on a table-top and some of its features are powered by electricity. They’re dome-shaped and borrow their design from the Kettle series.

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The Kettle series itself is the original Weber, with its adorably sturdy wok-shaped dome and bowl. Weber Kettles are fuelled by charcoal, while their gas-powered range includes Weber Summit, and Weber Spirit, and Weber Genesis. The Genesis and Spirit are portable Webers while the Summit comprises in-built BBQs.

Apart from their trademark BBQs, Weber offers a series of barbequing accessories. Many Webers are sold with a customised Weber cookbook that includes recipes which both beginners and seasoned meat-lovers can enjoy. There are some veggie recipes in there too.

A true BBQ arsenal requires several types of barbequing aids. They include protective gear, cleaning materials, detachable parts, replace-able spares, thermometers, timers, tongs, skewers, and much more. They add style to your kitchen and enhance your barbequing experience. Weber accessories are uniquely designed to boost your BBQ sessions.

Protective covers

When your Weber isn’t in use, you can protect it from dust and moisture using a Weber BBQ cover. These are custom-made to fit snugly over your Weber, and are available in breathable fabric that is resistant to weather, water, and sunshine, so it’s safe for your outdoor Weber. To keep the cover in place, they have Velcro strips.

If you’d like a more basic cover, you can buy a lightweight vinyl version that’s kinder on your pocket. It’s good for dust protection but isn’t waterproof. Many covers come with a storage bag so the cover itself is protected when your Weber is in use. Check that the dimensions of your cover are right for your Weber unit. There are even table-top covers for Weber Qs.


Weber Qs are sometimes mistaken for electrical BBQs because they are portable and have electronic ignition. They also have electric accessories. Weber Qs are generally smaller than other Webers, so they may not have as much room or as many features. Fortunately, you can buy electric rotisseries that are just the right size for your Weber Q.

Other Webers are not left behind. Rotisseries are designed with made-to-measure dimensions for the Genesis and Spirit. Some rotisseries are based on the number of burners your Weber has, for a better fit and increased efficiency. They’re stainless steel and easy to clean, with insulated handles. Stainless steel skewers are available too.

Utility aids

Accessories that make your Weber easier to use include cooking tools like tongs, BBQ forks, spatulas, and basting brushes. For gas Webers that have burners and cook tops, Weber has high quality woks, casserole dishes, and frying pans. They also produce wire grills, grates, trivets, pizza trays, griddles, hot plates, warming racks, poultry roasters, and steel baskets.

Technical accessories range from thermometers for temperature control to gas gauges. They check your fuel levels toavoid running out mid-barbeque. There are portable carts to help you roll around your table-top Weber Q, replacement hoses for your gas inlet, chimney starters, and lighters. There are also electronic meat probes that link to the Weber app.

Weber hygiene& protection

To keep yourself unsullied, you could order branded gloves and aprons. For your Weber, start with drips pans for easy grease disposal. You can buy silicone mats to avoid scorching your table and eating surfaces.

To keep your Weber clean, buy a brush for cleaning wire mesh grills and grates. Use them with Weber cleaning fluids and metal protectant for best results. For your fuel, you could buy charcoal baskets, while smoker boxes and convection trays improve your BBQ results.

Weber also has a range of fruitwood chunks and wood chips that are great for flavouring your smoked meat. Variants include apple, mesquite, hickory, cherry, and pecan, as well as red gum charcoal. Make a list of accessories you’d like to own. Weber is sure to have them.

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