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7 Signs That Indicates Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs

Adequate HVAC maintenance is a sure way to get your system in good condition before summer arrives. Although most of the signs that shows your AC system need repair are glaring, others are barely noticeable. Ignoring any of them may lead to more problems, so contact your AC technician as soon as you detect any of the signs below.

1.    Thermostat issues

Manufacturers of quality HVAC systems usually build them in a way to maintain stable temperature. It goes without saying that it needs to be serviced if there’s a need to constantly adjust the thermometer. Problems like this should be left to an expert because of the thermostat’s complicated electrical component.

2.    The air is no longer cold

An AC system may not be as cold as before due to some reasons. This makes some areas in the home to get cooler than the rest. It may be as a result of debris in the air conditioning vent interfering with airflow. Without mincing word, it can pose serious health risks for anyone in the home. The best thing is to clean the duct right away in order to boost the efficiency of the AC system and allow smooth airflow.

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3.    Moisture near the unit

Presence of leakage around the system often indicates that the drain tube has been broken. If care isn’t taken, it can lead to life threatening health issues due to refrigerant leaks. The solution is to repair the drain tube so as to prevent other issues like mold growth.

4.    Little air flow

The easiest way to quickly detect this issue is when some parts of your home are getting more cool air than the others. The problem is usually encountered when insufficient air is passing through AC vents which can result in systems compressor failure. Another reason is extremely low Freon levels in the AC system.

5.    Higher energy bills

A HVAC system with issues normally uses more energy than it’s required. It can lead to having unexplainable energy bills at the end of the month. Leaks in AC ductwork and broken thermostat switch are parts of the factors responsible for this. The best decision is to acquire quality energy efficient models in order to reduce energy costs.

6.    Unpleasant odors

Once you discover that your system is emanating any unpleasant smell, it’s time to schedule servicing. At times, a foul smell is a sign that the wire insulation has burned out or the ductwork needs immediate attention.

7.    Unusual sounds

If an AC unit is making strange sounds, it’s better to repair it immediately. Wasting time before servicing can result in expensive repair or having to replace the system totally. Different sounds usually means different problems. For instance, a fan motor or capacitor is about to fail when it makes a humming or buzzing sound.

Arranging for regular maintenance of air conditioning in phoenix helps to detect problems quickly. It’s advisable to get in touch with a skilled technician. Taking this step will help you to get the best out of your system and improve its efficiency. After repairing your AC system and the problem still persists, a replacement unit is needed.

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