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6 factors to consider when choosing a storage unit

A storage unit facility is a life saver for those people who find they have extra belongings that need to be stored or those who need some space to store their belongings for a certain period of time.

There are a number of factors you need to consider before taking your items for storage such as

  1. Location

This is the location in which you would like your storage unit to be located in. for example, when you are relocating from point A to point B and you need a space to store your items then you would rather choose a storage unit that is closer to point B where you will be moving in to.

  1. Storage size and type

This will largely be dependent on what items you would like to store. Some items would require special amenities and hence when choosing a storage unit you would like to consider if it has the required amenities to store your items and if all your items can fit in the unit.

Some storage units have special amenities such as controlled temperatures and power sources incase you have items that require electricity.

  1. Access

Find out the procedure of being able to access your items and when it is allowed to access your storage unit. Access to items is different depending on where you have your unit. Most facilities however allow their clients to access their items any time in any day.

  1. Security

Seek to find out what are the security measures they have in place to protect your items from theft or damage. How is the access? Most units can only be accessed from one side through a rolling door which is either secured by an in-built lock device or by a lock and some have both the lock and the locking mechanism. Also find out how the security measures the facility has in place. For example, do they have security cameras? Do they have stand-by staff members? Do they offer insurance for lost items?

You do not want a place where your items are at risk.

  1. Prices

In most facilities usually charge storage per month and the rates of the unit is usually depending on a number of factors such as size, location of unit, location of facility, level of demand and special offers or promotions.

  1. Any other fees.

These fees again depend on where you have your storage unit. Extra charges might be inclusive of;

  • Security deposit
  • Insurance

Some units will require you to purchase insurance for your items when moving in to offer protection in the event of an eventuality.

  • Other charges

This can be inclusive of the special amenities in your unit in case there are any, electricity charges, 24 hour access and personal lock charges.

These factors are the main factors that a tenant should seek information about in a potential storage unit rental. Though there are other factors that may come up so it is advisable to always read through your contract carefully before signing.


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