We don’t really have to put a lot of thought in door locks. They are a part of our everyday life. They keep your family, possessions, and property safe and secure. You must feel safe and secure whenever you leave your property or possession locked. However, problems can take place with them too. Following given are the top problems and solutions to locks:

Broken key in the door

This is possibly among the most frustrating door and the key problem that most home/business owners face. Broken keys tend to occur when the owner is rushing to push the door open. The one way to prevent this problem from taking place is by slowing down. Take your time when locking or unlocking your door is concerned.

Key not inserting

If it is not the right key then no matter what you do, the key will never get inserted. This is a straightforward thing – just keep these simplistic solutions in mind. Ensure that the key ring remains organized and you use the key that has been cut properly.

Slow door locks

The slow door locks problem tends to occur when dirt or grime has accumulated over your locks over a long period of time. There is a simple do-it-yourself method you can follow in the process. Simply try inserting a cotton swab onto the lock and attract the dirt while also cleaning it. You might need to lubricate the lock if the dust is too dry.

Seizure locks

If you are able to get the key in the lock but are unable to turn the key, it simply means that your lock has been seized up. This is another common problem occurring with professional locksmiths. One of the better ways of getting out of this situation is by using graphite or silicone spray to lubricate the lock.

Door isn’t latching

Often a door won’t latch simply because the latch bolt on the door isn’t aligned properly with the strike plate on the doorjamb. Repairs could be as simple as making a few minor latch adjustments or as complex as completely repositioning the door.

Bolt is stuck/not working

This is a mechanical problem and it is best that you call an expert to sort the situation out. It is highly possible for you to remove the lock and attempt to find the source of the problem but it is best that you don’t carry out any of such experiments for the time being.

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