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6 Amazing Ways ToLet Nature Beautify Your Garden

Are you a kind of person that loves not a very tidy garden? Actually, the fact is that the more the nature gets involved in your garden, the more beautiful your garden looks.

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An organised, well-pruned, neatly maintained garden is definitely good when it’s about cleanliness. It’s guaranteed that when you and your family will spend some relaxing moments in the garden, you won’t like to see dry leaves spread everywhere on the ground.

Cleanliness and neatness are definitely worth maintaining. But if you allow the nature to do her work in your garden while you keep the garden clean, your garden will not only look much more amazing but will thrive a lot.

Expert gardeners Eastern Suburbs Sydney like Amico share some lovely tips to make your garden more beautiful with the help of nature.

1. Welcome Birds by Providing Them Seeds in Cold Months

It’s worth picking off dead flowers while the plant is still flowering because it will encourage more to come. However, near the end of the plants’ blooming period, let the last seedheads remain there.

This will provide food for birds during the cold autumn and winter months when occurrence of bugs and snails become low. Even native grasses are perfect for feeding wildlife if you let them flower.

2. Allow Some Mess to Occur

You may be quite tempted to tidy up the undergrowth of shrubs or dense climbers to make them look a little tidy. However, such areas provide excellent shelter for several small birds and mammals from weather as well as predators like cats.

Hedges are particularly valuable refuges. Even the clutter of fallen leaves and branches trap rainwater, prevent soil erosion and rot down to form new soil.

3. Stop Spraying

You hate caterpillars because they eat away your valuable veggies; but have you ever thought that they are excellent foods for some lovely birds that will add beauty and sweet sounds to your garden?

And if a few caterpillars are saved from birds, they will become amazing butterflies that will fill your garden with lively colours. So, next time when you consider spraying pesticides to kill caterpillars, hold on and think again.

But if there is a risky outbreak that’s going to eat up your entire crop, choose an organic alternative to eliminate the pests.

4. Avoid Clipping Native Hedges too Frequently

It’s amazing to look at a neatly clipped hedge. However, if you can wait to let your hedge grow a little haphazardly, you will notice that it has flowers and after that, berries!

Native hedge plants like midgem berry, quandong and lillypilly as well as exotic species like Viburnum tinus and Indian hawthorn are excellent for this.

5. Avoid Burning or Shredding Leaves

Gardeners often tend to collect fallen dry leaves from the lawn and garden pathways and shred them or burn them or throw them in the trash cans. However, there’s a more proliferative way.

Place them in a durable bin liner, water them a little, tie the bag, make a few holes in the base to let the water drain and set the bag aside to let the leaves decay.

This will be formed into organic mulch in a year which worms love. In two years it will become “black gold”, a rich leafmould compost that you can use to enrich your garden soil and you get it at no cost and a little effort.

6. Offer Water

Birds love a place where they can gather and drink water and take a quick wash. If you place a deep plate or bowl of water, you can enjoy watching amazing birds gathering in your garden.

Better still, create a pond and grow water lilies. You can also add fish and frogs to it and there will be a wonderful ecosystem in your garden, besides providing water to birds.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

You can get such a pond and many other nature-friendly features by getting reliable gardening services Sydney from Amico. So, go with the nature and you’ll be proud of your garden.

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