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6 Amazing Ideas ToCreate Gardens In Small Spaces

No matter how fond you are of a garden around your house, you have to sacrifice your love for living in a city. However, if you are lucky enough to have even a small space, you can rejoice because there are numerous ideas with which you can turn your space into a lush refuge.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

Professional gardening experts at Amico, a Sydney-based company turning people’s outdoor spaces into amazing gardens and landscapes for more than twenty years, have several small garden ideas to share with us. Here are a few.

1. Potted Plants for the Exterior

Experts at Amico suggest creating a garden easily with potted plants on a patio or even a balcony. Here are their valuable suggestions for such a small garden.

  • Use a potting mix the quality of which should be as high as possible. High-quality potting mix will enable your plants to thrive for longer.
  • Be careful about moisture levels because potted plants tend to lose it more quickly than in-ground plants. If you feel that the top layer is dry, understand that it’s time to water. If it’s sticks to your finger and feels moist, let a day or two pass.
  • Consider self-watering pots as they draw on the water supply as required. You can lessen the loss of moisture by adding a layer of fine bark mulch a few centimetres thick.
  • Feed your plants well as it will make them healthy, more productive and better capable of fighting diseases and pests. You can either choose controlled-release fertilisers that keep releasing nutrients slowly or liquid plant foods.

2. Make Uneven Spaces Beautiful

If you are finding it challenging to create a garden because your space is uneven, you can use its different levels as a cue for your design.

The differences in the levels can be used as valuable spaces in a small garden. Therefore, they can be used in practical as well as aesthetic ways.

This type of design can create semi-enclosed spaces to sit that can be viewed from the covered alfresco space.

3. Go for Robust Shrubs

You can choose robust shrubs for your garden like Miss Muffet with glossy leaves, naturally tufted shape and sweet-smelling cream flowers in spring. For small gardens, such plants create fabulous bedding.

They look good during any time of the year and can tolerate shade or sun.

4. Consider Creating a Perennial Appeal

With the help of the best gardening services Kensington by Amico, you can create a year-round appeal. Here are the tricks they use:

  • Choose plants that can withstand a range of conditions such as full midday sun in summer and full shade in winter
  • Choose plants that have little to no downtime i.e. they look great for as much of the year as possible so that they can be displayed permanently
  • Consider choosing plants with coloured foliage since flowers often have only a short-lived glory
  • Be careful about how each foliage colour and texture matches with its neighbour
  • While choosing trees, choose small varieties or those that can be pruned and shaped without having to change their form if they tend to grow large
  • Take the time to learn about soil improvement and maintenance so that you can make all your plants thrive

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

5. Choose Feature Plants

A great example of feature plants is the Australian tree fern (Cyatheacooperi) with its slim trunk and curving branches. It withstands full sun to part shade, tropical to subtropical conditions in well-drained soil.

6. Consider Adding Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are considered to be great for adding an extra warmth and a different texture to the space. They are being more and more used in garden.

So, you can start creating a lovely garden in whatever space available without being disappointed because you have the right to relax in your very own greenery.

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