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5 Tips to Sell Your House Fast Without Spending a Penny

You can’t wait to sell your house, and you are more than eager to move to your new home. But you don’t know how long it will take to sell your current home. The most important thing right now is how to sell your house fast!

Home staging is one of the best ways of selling your home quickly, no matter the market condition. According to a Real Estate Staging Association study, it took an average of 23 days for homes staged before listing to receive an offer. Compare that to the number of months’ people who didn’t stage before listing have to wait before receiving offers. However, your budget might not allow you to do a comprehensive home staging. In that case, here are five free tips to sell your house fast at no cost.

Clean Up the House

One of the easiest way to woo buyers is to show them how clean and tidy your home can be. You do this by decluttering the home to make it spacious and welcoming. Common clutter points you should pay attention to include kitchen and bathroom counters, tabletops, fireplace mantels, magazine racks, and laundry room shelves.

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Additionally, be sure to de-clutter your closets. You want buyers to see how much space is available for their stuff, not a cramped up closet.

Set the Table

Home staging helps the buyer envision themselves living in your home. Make it easy for them by rearranging the table in a family-friendly way. A buyer sees that and starts envisioning his family eating at that table on a popular holiday or their wedding anniversary.

Pay attention to the dinner table as that’s what evokes the most emotional response. Set up the best of your flatware and china on the table. Keep things simple and natural. Pinterest offers a load of inspiration to get you going.

Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging the furniture after getting rid of the junk can also help get buyers’ attention and sell your home fast. Does the current arrangement encourage the free flow of traffic? Can children play in the centre of the room? Will the TV be visible from every angle? Rearrange the furniture in a way that promotes conversation and efficiency. Remove large pieces and move the furniture away from the walls to create as much space as possible.

Get creative. You may have furniture pieces in other rooms that would accentuate the homely feel of the living room-don’t hesitate to move them. You can ask an experienced agent or your neighbour to give you fresh perspectives on rearranging your home. Whatever you do, make sure it emphasises the comfort and familial nature of your space.

Decorate with flowers

If you have a garden, you could take advantage of the flowers in bloom to increase your home’s buyer appeal. Decorating your home with fresh flowers creates a warm and inviting ambience that makes the home inviting to buyers. If you don’t have flowers in your yard, pick up a fresh bouquet at the nearest grocery store. Arrange the flowers in a vase or Mason jar, and it will do the magic.

You can also add a bowl of fruits and veggies on your kitchen counter. Nothing is more inviting than coming home to a counter with fresh and nourishing fruits and veggies.

View the Home as a Buyer

Most importantly, think like the buyer. If you were hunting for a new home, what are your expectations? Think about what buyers want in a home and make sure to take care of everything to the smallest details. Scrub every surface of your house squeaky clean! From the windows, ceiling fan, countertops, and baseboards, every surface must be scrubbed to a shine!

Lastly, make some effort to give your front yard a facelift. A paint job and mulching will go a long way in making a lasting first impression on the buyer and help you sell your house fast. It might cost you a little amount of money, but will be worth every penny.

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