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5 Tips to Plan Large Sliding Door Systems

Arizona is blessed with an abundance of sunshine.  According to Sperling’s Best Places, the Phoenix area boasts approximately 299 sunny days per year.  Incorporating a large sliding door into your home’s layout is the perfect opportunity to flood your living space with this wonderful natural resource.  This type of door is especially good for smaller residences since it doesn’t require the additional space that a traditional swinging door needs to operate. Sliding doors allow owners of small homes to live large with expansive outdoor views. Here are five things to consider prior to installing large sliding door systems.  

#1 Get Professional Help

Premium sliding door systems are significant home improvement investments that add value to homes by boosting quality of life.  They look great when the right system is chosen and installed properly. At Energy Shield Window & Door, our design specialists and certified installers will make your sliding door project a worry-free experience. We obtain the necessary building permits, disassemble old entryways, install new doors and clean up all debris. Since we manufacture and install our own products, you’ll get a warranty that covers both labor and materials.  All you have to do is enjoy your new sliding door.

#2 Assess Sliding Door Options Based On Function and Design

Homeowners decide to install sliding doors for a variety of reasons.  Some want to use the door as a primary entryway into the home. Others just want a space-saving way to access their condo balcony.  Our designers assess how you want to use the door, and they consider your home’s architectural design. We present you with sliding door options that will look great and perform wonderfully for years to come.  Visit EnergyShieldWindowsandDoors.com for more information about our sliding door styles.

#3 Keep Energy Efficiency in Mind

We know the Arizona window and door market like the backs of our hands.  As a result, all of our recommended sliding door solutions take into consideration the area’s climate of extreme, dry heat.  Our sliding doors’ insulated glass and frames are designed to shield interiors from heat while letting in abundant sunshine. Our custom build and  professional installation services also reduce the occurrence of air gaps around frames that hamper energy efficiency.

#4 Consider Security and Maintenance

Top home security system experts report that most burglaries start at the front door, back entryways and first-floor windows.  Our recommended sliding door systems come with attractive hardware that include quality locking mechanisms. We also carry systems that are virtually maintenance free for years of enjoyment.  

#5 Determine Add-On Features

During the planning phase of your project, you should also identify add-on features that would make your sliding door the best fit for your family’s needs.  You can get sliding doors with frosted or textured glass panes that add privacy. We often suggest including a screen with your sliding door so that you can catch a breeze without letting in insects.  You can also get sliding door glass panes that are UV light resistant; this saves your textiles from premature fading.


Energy Shield Window & Door has a proven track record of success with large sliding door installation projects that dates back to 1996.  Let us help you with your next home improvement adventure.

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