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5 Things You Need When You Live with Children

When you live with children, be it swaddled babies or crawling toddlers, you live with unpredictability. You never know what they will discover next as they go around the home. Sometimes these new discoveries come at a price, a new injury or mess. When you live with children you learn to adapt and make lifestyle changes to ensure their safety and easy household management.

There are changes that do not affect you as much, like selecting waterproof flooring or stowing away delicate items. There are changes, however, that integrate into your daily life as well such as locks on your toilet doors. Here are five things that will help you when you live with children.

  1. Waterproof floors. Having waterproof flooring is less about safety and more about convenience. When dealing with children there is always some kind of liquid involved like saliva and milk, and in more unfortunate situations, poop. Having waterproof flooring ensures that the mess does not ruin the floor, and the clean-up is quick and easy. Compared to a thick carpet, making use of vinyl or wood floors is easier to manage day to day.
  2. Baby gate. A baby gate is installed at the top or bottom of the stairs to prevent a crawling toddler from going up or down the stairs unsupervised. When babyproofing your home, the first things to address are obstructions that may cause your child to trip or fall. You can easily install a baby gate yourself or have someone come over to install it for you.
  3. Cord holders and other kinds of fasteners. Using cord holders on the walls makes sure that the cords are in a secure place and away from a child’s grabby hands. The second thing to look out for when babyproofing your home is to keep everything secure. Things that can be pulled or toppled over are risks. An alternative to a cord holder is taping down your cords.
  4. Outlet covers. There are outlets that allow you to switch on your power when the outlet is in use, and to turn them off when they are not in use. However, this is not present in every home and you might be using one out of two active sockets. In these cases, it is best to have an outlet cover, plastic prongs that you insert to prevent children from inserting items such as forks or sticks into the outlet. The third thing you need to pay attention to when babyproofing is electric appliances. Besides keeping all the outlets covered, remember to unplug all appliances that are not in use.
  5. Safety latches for cabinets. These are not needed in every part of the house. They should only be placed on cabinets that have harmful substances that you need to keep away from children like bleach, cleaning solutions, and the like. You can also have them installed in cabinets that store extra toiletries to prevent the children from playing with them.

Even though these considerations are only applicable when they are young and become useless when they get older, it is nice to have them on hand. Pass them on to another new parent and help them keep their environment safe as well.

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