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5 reasons which cause the electrical appliance to overheat

When it comes to selecting the right electrical appliance, there are several factors that you need to consider in order to make it a worthwhile buy. One of the major factors that you must look into while buying any electrical appliance like ceiling fans&ovens is its overall heating capacity.One of the biggest threats to using electrical appliances is the overheating of the same.

Excessive heating of the electrical appliances could lead to an early loss of the winding insulation of the motor. This could result into the electric motor burning itself up. As a result, this could lead to dangerous, life-threatening situations like massive fires, accidents, and so more. When the electric motor overheats itself, there are higher chances that it might require a complete replacement, rather than repairing it. This must be done to restore the operation of the electrical appliance that it is powering. To make sure that you are not lessening the life of any electrical appliance in your home, you must ensure that the electric motor of these appliances do not undergo overheating.

To ensure the same, you must be aware of the main reasons that could lead to overheating of the electric motors. Here are some for you to take care of:

  1. Environmental Issues: The environment in which your motor is running must be stable enough to ensure its normal functioning. Therefore, you must ensure that the running environment of the electric motor is free from the presence of any excessive chemicals that might be abrasive to the major parts of the motor. Moreover, it is also important to be aware of the general conditions in which the particular electric motor is operating. Factors like excessive heat, operation at some high altitude, extreme humidity or moisture-like conditions –all of these parameters could enhance the chance of the electric motor overheating itself.
  2. Repetitive On & Off: All of the electric motors follow certain standards about how often these must be turned on & off. When you go above the given standards and switch to repetitive turning of the on & off button, it could lead to overheating of the motor. Under immense stress, the motor could generate a lot of heat and thereby, this could damage the particular electrical appliance.
  3. Overloading: In order to avoid excessive heating that might be caused by the inflow of sudden high current, it is vital that you possess proper knowledge of the level of operating load that the electric motor of your appliance is capable of handling. While it might be rare for obtaining the perfect voltage conditions in various industrial applications, the accurate calculations of the operating load offer reliable voltage measurements. Overheating can lead to major damages to the bearings & winding of the electrical appliance.
  4. Clogged Vents: One of the most common reasons for the overheating of the electrical appliances in your home is the clogged vents. Though one of the most common reasons, it is also the most preventable. Therefore, you must check that all the vents & ducts of the machine are intact prior to ensuring that these are not clogged. Clogged vents & air ducts tend to trap heat and prevent the fresh air from outside towards keeping the motor cool & running smoothly.
  5. High or Low Voltage Supply: Incorrect voltage supply to the electrical appliance could also lead to its damage due to overheating.

Overheating of the electrical appliance could lead to a myriad of issues including the complete failure of the engine. Therefore, look out for these causes & try preventing them for the prolonged life of the electrical appliance.

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