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5 Reasons to Consider Buying a Town home in Ottawa

There comes a time for most renters when you start to consider your home buying options. One of the first questions that usually comes up is, “Should we get a townhome or a full-size home?” While there are pros and cons to each, for many first-time buyers new townhomes Ottawa make the most sense. Here is why.

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5 Benefits of Purchasing a New Townhome

1. Affordability

Because of the efficiency of their construction and the ability to fit more homes into a given space, townhomes are typically more affordable than single-family homes. The cost of townhomes certainly vary based on size, amenities and location, but most of the time you will find purchasing a townhome easier than purchasing a full-size home.

2. Easy to maintain.

Townhomes are generally low-maintenance, particularly the yard/landscaping. Most have small yards – or even the option for choosing low upkeep landscaping in place of a yard. And the landscaping for most of the community is usually maintained by the association managing the property. The maintenance of shared areas, like walkways, staircases, etc., is also paid for by your association dues, so you have less overall upkeep costs.

3. Combination of community and privacy.

Townhomes are designed to let you be a part of your community, while also letting you have your privacy. Your neighbors are nearby whenever you need them, but you have no one living on top of or below you. Many townhome owners appreciate the unique mix of community and privacy that comes with townhome living.

4. Security.

The fact that your neighbors are right there on either side of you helps to avoid burglaries and other property crimes. It is difficult to approach your home without being visible to those living around you, which deters burglars. So you can rest a little easier when you leave home, knowing that it is unlikely that someone will try to enter your home without you there.

5. Community amenities.

Many home buyers cannot afford to have their own swimming pool, fitness room, outdoor recreation area, etc. But as a townhome owner, you may have access to a wide variety of amenities. Because the costs of upkeep are shared by the community, you get the benefits without the excessive costs.

Buy a New Townhome

If you are interested in learning more about new townhomes Ottowa, please get in touch with our team. We are a premier provider of new townhomes in the area, and we are standing by to answer your questions and help you find the ideal townhome for your needs!


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