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4 Ways Sliding Door Room Dividers Can Enhance Your Space

Sliding doors and sliding door room dividers are on the move, and when we say on the move we mean just that. Moving with you to create spaces that work for you. Times are changing in the workplace and in homes everywhere.  Lifestyles are busier than ever, workplaces are requiring different sized spaces and this trend is only going to grow. This is where sliding doors open a whole new world of opportunity for these ongoing, constantly changing landscapes. Here are 5 Ways Sliding doors make a difference in the way you do business and enjoy your world.

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  1.  Sliding Doors Move with You: The Millennial generation has a very different attitude than generations before them when it comes to their work environment. They want inspiring surroundings with plenty of space and natural lighting. They also like to work in smaller areas when concentration is necessary. Employers are recognizing this and remodeling their spaces using sliding doors that can easily change the size of a room from a large open meeting area to a smaller more private space. Sliding glass doors are perfect for these updates because they easily move on rails and are available in anything from totally clear to frosted to black. Some are even replacing their entryway doors with glass sliding doors to allow natural light in and extend the workplace outside.
  2.  Sliding Doors Offer More Space:  Homeowners are increasingly replacing their traditional swing doors with decorative sliding doors because they are more attractive, but don’t take up the space that a swinging door does. For example, small powder rooms have very limited space, especially if the door swings into the room. A sliding door offers just as much privacy but takes up less valuable space. This is also the case with pantry doors, laundry room doors, bedroom doors, etc.
  3.  Sliding Doors Are Decorative: Fashion and function meet when a homeowner selects a sliding door. Whether it’s frosted glass, a vintage style barn door, traditional wood or custom painted, sliding doors offer a decorative look to a decor. The look can be accessorized with gorgeous hardware to elevate the look even more. Sliding doors are replacing room dividers too. Now a large common room can be decoratively separated into smaller areas for intimate parties, playrooms and sleeping areas. Many homeowners are embracing the versatility of sliding doors now more than ever before.
  4.  Sliding Doors are Environmentally Friendly: Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and sliding doors can accomplish this thanks to today’s forward-thinking technology. Sunlight enters a space more than ever before when glass doors are selected, heavy barn style doors keep the elements out and state of the art doors are designed to keep rooms temperature friendly throughout the entire year.

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