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4 Great Ideas to Winterize Your Yard

Getting ready for winter can be challenging — from ensuring you have all of your plants nicely tucked in to their beds with new mulch to purchasing or upgrading your Ariens snowblower, it seems as though there is always something to be done. Snow in the winter can be gorgeous, but deadly to plants that are not properly winterized, and can cause a great deal of damage to your home besides. Check out these top tips to help you start the winter right, and prep for a stunning spring!

  1. Bring Tender Plants Inside

Small, young or tender plants will not survive outdoors in most winter weather, making it important to bring them inside before the first big freeze. Don’t wait until the weather turns nasty to make the move, as a single night of sub-freezing temperatures can turn your beautiful plants into a puddle of mush. Specifically, plants such as princess flower, plumeria, mandevilla vine, tree ferns and others can thrive as long as you keep them in a moderately warm corner of your home. Don’t forget to spray with insecticidal soap first, or you might bring in a few unexpected guests in the form of pests!

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  1. Practice Smart Fertilization

If the weather is beginning to turn cold, it’s not the time to start an extensive fertilization plan for most types of grass. This can cause your grass to begin putting out new shoots — which will likely freeze with the first cold snap and could damage the plant. The exception is for cool-season grasses such as fescue, perennial ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrass. Since cool-season grasses grow more strongly in the fall, this is the ideal time to give them a little boost to keep them strong and active through the chillier winter months.

  1. Get a Little Dirty

Weeding your garden may seem like a spring task, but when you remove weeds in the late fall, you’re safeguarding the plants that you want to remain over the winter months. Protect your important plantings by removing the weeds to reduce the possibility of weeds stealing valuable nutrients from your grass or flowers. Think of it as one last time to get a little dirty in your garden or yard before the spring thaw. Expand this idea to include your veggie garden, flower beds and any edging plants.

  1. Maintain Outdoor Tools

Long, cold winters with inches of snow on the ground are not the time that you want to realize your Ariens snowblower needs replacement of a critical part! Instead, be sure you check your cold weather machinery often before the season starts. That way, when the weather turns nasty you’ll be all set with everything in place to take care of your home and yard — and a well-maintained Ariens snowblower to keep your driveway and sidewalk clear of slippery snow.

Keeping your home and yard in top shape is a year-round activity! However, with a little extra effort you’ll be able to enjoy a slip-free winter and emerge to a gorgeous spring full of healthy, glowing plants.






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