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10 Reasons You Should Hire a Lawn Care Expert

Most everyone craves a lawn that is the envy of the block, and you are presumably no exception. However, lawn care is not just a matter of taking a lawnmower to your grass or pulling out the garden hose. If you want a prize-winning lawn that’s lush and lively, it’s best to leave it to a lawn care expert. Here are ten reasons why you should hire an expert for your lawn.

They Understand Fertilization

The grass is the makeup of a lawn, and it gets nutrients from its soil.  However, to help it look as beautiful as possible, fertilizing is necessary.  Lawn fertilizer contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate to nourish your lawn and help it grow full and green.  A lawn care expert knows the right amount of fertilizing and when it should be administered to aid your lawn’s growth.  They also understand the best products for fertilizing your lawn safely and with no harm to surrounding plants or animals.

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They Understand Water

Outdoor plants, including your green grass, need water to grow, especially in the summer months and during times of drought.  A lawn care professional will know when the best time of the day is to water your lawn and they will know how long it should be watered.   The expert will prevent your yard from getting too much liquid or too little liquid. They will put your lawn on a watering schedule that works best for growth and will adjust the plan based on how much rainfall your area gets.

They Understand Lawn Aeration

What is lawn aeration? It is the process of puncturing the dirt with tiny holes to provide air, nutrients, and water to enter the roots of your grass producing a lush, green appearance and reducing run-off.  Aeration is a meaningful step for your lawn, and a professional will use an aeration machine for the process.  The best thing about these machines is that when Ziehler Lawn Care uses one, they are top-of-the-line.

They Understand Mulching

Mulch is used to control weeds and to provide a protective layer for your grass. You can mulch areas of your lawn yourself, but when you leave it to a lawn care pro, they know how thick the layers of mulch should be and where the mulch should be placed.  

They Understand Disease and Prevention

One of the most common problems for lawns is the existence of diseases, such as brown patch or powdery mildew.  A lawn care expert is your best bet for understanding what diseases have infected your lawn and how to control and prevent it from happening in the future.   He or she will use the right fungicide treatments for your grass and safely apply them.

They Understand Pest Control

Another common problem for lawns is the existence of pests, such as aphids, grubs, and beetles.  These pests can wreak havoc on your grass, but a professional who understands lawn care can identify what pests are destroying your lawn and he or she will know how to control them to restore, with the appropriate insect control products, your yard to its beauty.

They Save You Money

Lawn care experts do something that you may not be able to do, and that’s save you money.  How many products have you used on your lawn that don’t seem to be working? Leaving it to the professionals will get rid of the guessing game.  Also, have you checked out the cost of lawn equipment? Lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, aerator equipment – all of these can run into the thousands of dollars. The investment in a person who owns the right equipment and who is knowledgeable about lawn care will save you money in the long run.

They Save You Time

If you want a lawn that is the envy of the block, you have to put in the necessary time.  Lawns need to be aerated, fertilized, mowed, watered and weeded. You need to research on what equipment needs to be used as well as what the best products would be.  You need to understand what diseases or pests are infecting your lawn. If you work 30 to 40 hours a week, do you have the time to spend approximately 70 hours a year on your lawn care?  It’s easy to skip what you need to do for your lawn and then feel frustrated at all the work that needs to be done. Leave it to a professional who understands yards to take care of it for you.

They Enhance Your Relaxation

When you step outside your home, few things are better than staring at a lush, beautiful lawn.  It’s the best backdrop for a barbecue, for relaxing summer nights outside with a blanket and gazing at the stars, for having a group of friends over for an outdoor party, or for tossing a ball with the kids.   When you feel good about your lawn, it relaxes you. You aren’t staring at brown patches, or weeds, or a lawn that hasn’t been mowed in weeks. A lawn care expert can create the kind of lawn that gives you peace of mind.

They Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

The last reason to hire a lawn care expert may seem superficial, but it’s a great motivator all the same.  A perfect lawn will be the envy of the block and will likely make your neighbors jealous. Many of them have ignored their grass for all the reasons people neglect lawns whether it’s due to lack of time or a lack of knowledge.   Hiring a lawn care expert means your yard is taken care of and you don’t have to worry about having the time or not knowing how to care for it properly. The grass will indeed be greener on your side of the fence.

When you invest in a lawn care expert, don’t be surprised by the envious looks on your neighbors’ faces when they see how beautiful your lawn has become. They’ll love your lawn so much they’ll want to know who you hired!

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